Plug & Play AI for Intelligent Traffic Management


The average driver spends 3 days every year stuck in traffic

Americans lose more than $100B every year in lost labor and gas due to traffic jams

Congestion accounts for 25% of car greenhouse gas emissions


ITC is the brain behind the traffic grid: measuring traffic, predicting congestion and mitigating it through smart manipulation of traffic lights, long before jams begin to form.


Our cutting-edge computer vision algorithms utilize existing infrastructure—off-the-shelf cameras installed in numerous intersections—to capture live traffic data with unmatched precision. With a remarkable 99% accuracy rate, our algorithms identify vehicles, buses, ambulances, cyclists, and pedestrians, capturing crucial behavioral insights.


Through advanced machine learning techniques and vast repositories of traffic data, we forecast traffic patterns with unparalleled accuracy—hours in advance. Armed with this predictive intelligence, we anticipate congestion hotspots and proactively intervene to keep traffic flowing smoothly.


By dynamically controlling traffic light programming, we can adjust the traffic flow through intersections to mitigate congestion in advance - thus preventing jams and gridlocks and ensuring safe and fast travel for all road users.


Empower your city's vision with ITC's AI-driven software, designed to adapt to your unique policy goals. From enhancing sustainability efforts and safety measures to optimizing traffic flow and boosting public transport use, our technology aligns with your priorities. With the added flexibility to prioritize pedestrians and cyclists, ITC ensures that your urban planning objectives are not just met but exceeded, crafting smarter, more livable cities.


Higher road capacity
Better city analytics
Public transport prioritization
Lower CO2 and emissions
Less money spent on fuel
Less time spent in traffic jams
Lower infrastructure investment costs

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